A Pet Waste Removal Service

"We Scoop-n-Doo the clean-up for you"


Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. What areas do you service?
      Currently we provide services in the following areas: Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, RTP and surrounding areas (i.e. Apex, Cary, Fuquay-Varina, Henderson, Franklinton, Louisburg, Wake Forest, Bunn). If you are interested in our services and do not live in these areas, please contact me to discuss the possibility of Scoop-n-Doo servicing your area.

    2. How often do you come out?
      We offer one-time, weekly, twice per week, and monthly services

    3. Do I need to be home during service visits?

    4. Do you charge less to come out every other week?
      No. There is more waste to scoop.

    5. What happens if I want a service visit skipped?
      Let Scoop-n-Doo know at least a day before the service and you will not be charged.

    6. Do you work through the winter?

    7. What happens when the weather is bad?
      We'll work in most weather, but snow, ice or heavy rain can stop us. If this happens, we will postpone that day's service until the next day.

    8. Will you provide services on Holidays?
      Yes, most likely (except on Christmas). If your service day falls on a holiday and we cannot make it, we will let you know.

    9. How often do you recommend cleaning animal waste from my yard?
      It depends on the amount of animals you have and how often your pet disposes of his/her waste.

    10. If I have a gated yard, should I unlock it before you service my yard?
      Yes, the gate should be unlocked or you may provide us with a key.

    11. Can you work even if my dog/cat is in the yard?
      Yes, we love dogs and cats and it will not be a problem to service your yard if they are lounging around or keeping us company while providing service.

    12. How do you dispose of pet waste?
      Double bag it and leave it in the customer's trash can or double bag it, take it away and dispose of it properly.

    13. How do you protect us from becoming infected from the waste of another person's yard you've serviced?
      Scoop-n-Doo sanitizes its equipment, including shoes before and after servicing each yard.

    14. Will you tell me if see anything suspicious in my pet's stool?
      Yes! Scoop-n-Doo is always on the outlook!