A Pet Waste Removal Service

"We Scoop-n-Doo the clean-up for you"


About Sharon Baynes:

Hi, I'm Sharon Baynes, the owner of Scoop-n-Doo.

My love of animals led me to be a member of Franklin County Humane Society. Over the past several years I have rescued many animals, trained them, and adopted them to loving families. My continuous battle to keep my yard clean from my rescued pets and my own dogs is what led me to begin Scoop-n-Doo Pet Waste Removal Service.

I believe in treating others as I want to be treated. I am fully committed to providing a high quality service of professionally cleaning-up the animal waste in your yard. I will treat your pet as my own with tender, loving care! I will provide the same high quality service to you as I provide for my own family and pets. My work is guaranteed, I provide friendly and responsible service, and will consistently put you and your pet's needs first.

Building long-lasting relationships with my clients while guaranteeing trust and excellent service is very important to me.